Meet Pio Prints!

It Was A Match Made in Heaven

Pio Prints' Story

Sunday afternoons, you could always find my mom sitting at the kitchen table, catching up with her “correspondence.” Equipped with her address book & surrounded by cards, she wrote messages of love, hope and consolation to those in need. When she passed, someone told me about a card with a handwritten note by my mom.

“They just don’t make women like your mom anymore,” he lamented. “So classy.”

They don’t make women like my mom anymore, but my sisters and I strive to emulate her.

Between my three sisters & me, we’re a theologian, business manager, printer and designer – talk about a match made in Heaven! Together, we formed a company to bring back the lost art of a personal touch and the impact it has!

When we did, we started seeing Padre Pio relics, medals & images EVERYWHERE. Our patron saint became pretty obvious, and Pio Prints was born!

Our name honors Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, and our motto comes from his beautiful words: “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.”

We made it our mission to spread the message of the saints to encourage, inspire, comfort and congratulate. We hope that in all moments of life, we may extend this message, and the message of the Saints, to people everywhere.